Ingredients for yogurt with Jacky fruit:

  • 6 yogurt containers
  • Sugar condensed milk: 12 spoons
  • Seed-removed Jacky fruit: 300 grams’
  • 2 Vietnamese pears
  • Coconut milk
  • Tapioca starch: 100 grams
  • Cold condensed yogurt
  • Food coloring (depending on your preference)

How to make yogurt with Jacky fruit:

Step 1:

  • Cut the Jacky fruit into the thin strips.
  • The thicker the Jacky fruit is, the more delicious it is

Step 2:

  • After cutting, we will prepare the Vietnamese pears
  • Peel the Vietnamese pears and cut them into small dices

Step 3:

  • Soak the pear dices into the water and transfer to a mesh colander
  • Decent the excess water and mix with the tapioca starch so that the dices are fully covered
  • After that, use a mesh sieve to filter the excess tapioca starch

Step 4:

  • Put the pear dices into the boiling water.
  • Then, use a mesh ladle to pick them out and quickly put into the bowl of cold water so that the dices will not stick together

Step 5:

  • After preparing the pear dices, yogurt, Jacky fruit and some shaved ices, we put into a large bowl
  • Add condensed milk, coconut milk and colorful jelly to make the dish more attractive and eye catchy
  • Stir the yogurt with Jacky fruit well and serve your family and friends

Some tips for you:

  • You can add some ingredients into the bowl of yogurt with Jacky fruit such as jelly, coconut milk and so on
  • With jelly, you can make it by yourself
  • You should choose the ingredients more carefully
  • To have a delicious bowl of yogurt with Jacky fruit, you should choose flavorful, tough and yellow Jacky fruit. Home-made yogurt is the most suitable and tasty

With this simple recipe for making yogurt with Jacky fruit at home, you can make it by yourself easily to have a delicious but clean snack for your family to enjoy, satisfying all people’s taste. Note it down into your thin kitchen recipe book to make the delicious snacks to serve your family and friends when you have free time. Wish you success with it!
In this article, we will guide you how to make delicious yogurt with Jacky fruit by yourself. As you know, the flavor of yogurt combining different kinds of fruits are more and more popular in the youngsters’ snacks. The sweet taste of Jacky fruit with the mild sour taste...